Friday, July 11, 2014

Celebrity Style Engagement Rings

We have talked a lot about the celebrity rings and other jewelry. We all have also loved the way they flaunt their rings and we can’t ignore the fact that we do love to possess jewelry like them. But, not everybody can afford the sky high price and most of the times we are left helpless and we have to suppress the desire of owning such jewels.

Celebrity Stylish Engagement Rings

Today we will talk about how we can enjoy the same bling in jewelry, but in affordable price. Let’s talk about the lustrous green colored emerald gem. Halle Berry wore an emerald engagement ring which became the talk of the town then. It is interesting to know that peridot rings can be best alternate to the emerald rings.

Halle Berry's Engagement Ring

You can find this stone in many tints and shades of green and the olive green has a special attraction of its own. You can find a number of exclusively designed peridot rings available online. They are pocket friendly and you can wear them anywhere without getting tensed about them getting lost, as even if this happens, you won’t lose a great amount. Many people wear them even while travelling due to this reason.

So, this is a beautiful way to wear celebrity style green colored ring which is in your taste and fits your budget as well.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Kim Kardarshian Ties Knot With Kanye West

The world was amazed by the way Kanye proposed the love of his life ‘Kim’. He has really set the engagement standards too high for the other celeb couples. Since that time, we all had been waiting for the great day of their wedding and needless to say, we were expecting it to be as beautiful as his proosal.

Kim Kardarshian Ties With Kanye West

Now, when the couple have tied the knot recently, we would like to talk about the whole event and everything associated with it. Family members of both the celebs gave speech. The most emotional speech was by Kris Jenner. It was highly touching speech but Kim kept her composure and did not cry during the wedding.

The groom gave a 15 minute speech and talked about the Kardarshian family and let out his emotions and told how he wants to spend every single day of his life with Kim. It was surely a great moment for the bride.

15 minute speech about the Kardarshian family

The guests of the couple were treated with home made pasta and beef filets, followed by straberry sorbet and vanilla wedding cake. They also enjoyed the Armand de Brignac champagne and Brunello di Montalcino San Filippo red wine.

Diamond Wedding Bands Sets

Coming to the most awaited pieces of jewelry for the evening, Kim’s diamond wedding band was hand made and Kanye had a gold wedding band which was hand made as well. The lady had dazzling looks as her diamond wedding band was complimented by her stud earrings and sparkling engagement ring.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Royal Ruby Rings

Ruby gemstone enjoys a special position when it comes to the Royal families. They have unanimously loved this fiery red colored gem and have used it in so many pieces of jewelry like rings, earrings, tiaras, bracelets, etc. Needless to say, the gem has not failed to adorn them beautifully.

Ruby is seen as the symbol of love and passionate feelings. The soft and velvety red hue reminds the onlookers of the charming roses. It is due to this color and charm that it is associated with love and people like it to be studded to their engagement rings. There are many Royals who have chosen this gem for their love soaked rings. Let us discuss here about two Royal brothers who made a same choice of stones:

Ruby Engagement Rings

Prince Frederik of Denmark popped up the question to the love of his life, Mary Donaldson, who happens to be from Australia, with unique gemstone engagement ring  that displayed the colors of the Danish flag. It has an emerald cut diamond flanked by two emerald cut rubies.

His younger brother, Prince Joachim, designed the engagement ring in the colors of a flag again. But, he chose the colors of the French flag because his love is from France. He surprised Marie Cavallier with the E-ring having a diamond, a ruby and a blue sapphire.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Online shopping for Wedding Bands

As the wedding approaches near, the task of finding a glistening pair of wedding bands demands urgency. As the time factor is concerned, it is surely less as so many works are to be completed and looked after for the day, and hence the people these days prefer online shopping.

Wedding Bands Collection at

Now, this online shopping experience can turn out to be a great surprise, either you can find it superb and find yourself turned into an online shopper, or you can even find it disappointing and can refrain from doing it again. This all depends on the choice of the store you make. You surely need to be smart enough to choose to buy the wedding bands from a genuine and reputed online store.

There are many online jewelry stores that you are prone to get confused and puzzled about which one to explore. The best way will be to compare the jewelry prices of various stores. This is an easy task while doing online. Second thing which can of great help can be to check the store’s previous customer’s feedback. These two things will surely give you a clear idea about the store. For example, the author Regina says this about the online jewelry store

Wedding Bands Banner at

Also, as the bands are to be worn on daily basis henceforth, you need to take care about their every minute detail and fitting and comfort. Additionally, you can always check out what free gifts the store is offering. There is no harm in getting a freebee along with your purchase.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Choose Your Perfect Wedding band

Spring is here and many of you must be planning for your impending nuptial. If an outdoor summer wedding is under plan, you have to start looking for your wedding essentials. The bridal dress, matching wedding jewelry and those special wedding rings, everything should be bought in advance to ensure you miss nothing at the last moment.

If you are confused after seeing those lovely wedding bands for her and him or just not getting the perfect match with your ring, we have the solution. Handpicked from an extensive collection of fine wedding rings, these classic to designer options will definitely finish your search for perfect wedding rings.

Classic Wedding Bands

The timeless galore of plain bands is unmatched. It’s difficult to resist the charming charisma of these rings, therefore most men and many women opt for plain gold or platinum bands. You can choose for a classic dome band or pick a polished or finished one with flat style for him. Milgrain, beadwork, rope detailing etc added to these bands take them to next level of perfection. These bands never fail to complement the proposal ring.

Here are few options:

For Him

For Her

Diamond Wedding Bands

Most brides choose diamond for their special rings. While the trend of colored gemstone engagement rings is in vogue and many brides-to-be are flaunting the stunning colored rings, they opt for diamond wedding bands. The major reasons are that diamonds match with everything, they are brilliant and don’t require other jewels to mark their presence.

While diamond eternity wedding bands for women are a traditional choice, men are also choosing diamond set rings. Although, Johnny Depp’s diamond engagement ring is a total surprise, we love him for breaking the rules.

Multiple variations in diamond rings can be found. The best thing is – you don’t need to think much about a perfect matching or snuggling band. your diamond piece will work well.

Here are the options:

For Him

For Her

Designer Wedding Bands

Break the tradition and choose something that suits your personality and lifestyle. It’s amazing to see an array of designer custom made exclusive rings to suit every taste and look. Most of the designer rings are unisexual, so that a couple could pick the matching bands.

Here are few: