Saturday, April 5, 2014

Choose Your Perfect Wedding band

Spring is here and many of you must be planning for your impending nuptial. If an outdoor summer wedding is under plan, you have to start looking for your wedding essentials. The bridal dress, matching wedding jewelry and those special wedding rings, everything should be bought in advance to ensure you miss nothing at the last moment.

If you are confused after seeing those lovely wedding bands for her and him or just not getting the perfect match with your ring, we have the solution. Handpicked from an extensive collection of fine wedding rings, these classic to designer options will definitely finish your search for perfect wedding rings.

Classic Wedding Bands

The timeless galore of plain bands is unmatched. It’s difficult to resist the charming charisma of these rings, therefore most men and many women opt for plain gold or platinum bands. You can choose for a classic dome band or pick a polished or finished one with flat style for him. Milgrain, beadwork, rope detailing etc added to these bands take them to next level of perfection. These bands never fail to complement the proposal ring.

Here are few options:

For Him

For Her

Diamond Wedding Bands

Most brides choose diamond for their special rings. While the trend of colored gemstone engagement rings is in vogue and many brides-to-be are flaunting the stunning colored rings, they opt for diamond wedding bands. The major reasons are that diamonds match with everything, they are brilliant and don’t require other jewels to mark their presence.

While diamond eternity wedding bands for women are a traditional choice, men are also choosing diamond set rings. Although, Johnny Depp’s diamond engagement ring is a total surprise, we love him for breaking the rules.

Multiple variations in diamond rings can be found. The best thing is – you don’t need to think much about a perfect matching or snuggling band. your diamond piece will work well.

Here are the options:

For Him

For Her

Designer Wedding Bands

Break the tradition and choose something that suits your personality and lifestyle. It’s amazing to see an array of designer custom made exclusive rings to suit every taste and look. Most of the designer rings are unisexual, so that a couple could pick the matching bands.

Here are few:

Saturday, March 22, 2014

How to choose the wedding jewelry?

Every girl dreams of her wedding day since childhood and when the special day is around the corner, the excitement and the thrill is beyond expression. But, the fact is that as the day approaches near, there are so many works to be completed on time so that the day ends smoothly, leaving behind so many memories to be cherished for life.

Among the dozens of the tasks to be completed, the one that holds the most importance is of shopping the wedding day jewelry for the bride. It is your special day and all the eyes will rest upon you, so you need to choose the jewelry very carefully and let the onlookers praise you for your best choice and elegant beauty. Let us discuss in details what all points are to be kept in mind while deciding on what jewelry to purchase for the day-

1)      Consider your choice- The first and foremost task should be to sit in peace and decide how you would like to look. Some women like to wear less jewelry and the others prefer to adorn them with many pieces of jewelry. This will completely be dependent on your taste how much jewelry will be good for you for the day.

2)      Deciding the band- You should choose the band which will be comfortable to wear on daily basis. Most of the women choose to wear the band throughout the life and thus it should be chosen keeping this in mind. It should not be picked up just to be displayed on the wedding day. Though the choice of the gemstone will be completely yours, yet the charm of the diamonds never fades out. They are durable and the sparkle is irresistibly beautiful. So, choosing a glistening diamond wedding band will never fail.

wedding bands

3)      Choosing other jewelry- Jewelry like the earrings, necklace etc. are to be chosen with care as well. They should be so chosen that they compliment the wedding band and do not look odd. The size of the earrings should be taken care of. They should neither be too big not too small. Similarly, the necklace should go well with other jewelry. The most important thing to be kept in mind before making the final purchase is that the jewelry you pick should in every aspect compliment your dress and hair-do. Every minute detail should be taken care of and this way you will turn out looking way too beautiful on your special day!

wedding jewelry

4)      Do not wait for the last moment- The most important thing to be kept in mind is to plan and shop in advance. Waiting for the last moment shall bring unnecessary stress and shopping at that time may not let you give due time in choosing. The wedding jewelry is for lifetime and they surely deserve proper time. So, the best option will be to plan and shop in advance.

We hope that the above mentioned wedding jewelry tips will help you buy jewelry for your special day in a better manner. After all it’s the most important day of your life and it needs special attention as well!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Rings for the Wedding Day

Wedding rings and the weddings bands hold their special importance in the lives of the people. They not only are the symbols of the eternal love between the couple, but also they would wear the rings forever for the rest of their lives. Hence, it becomes very important to pay special attention while choosing them. Let us read about which all points are to be kept in mind while picking up the wedding jewelry-

wedding bands

1)      Purchase together- It is very important that you both should go together for the shopping of jewelry. It will make it easy to pick the ones which are liked by both of you. As it is a daily wear jewelry, it is important that both of you should like it.

2)      Style of shopping- You can choose the traditional way of shopping and visit the brick and mortar shops, or you can opt to buy jewelry online. The latter will help you save time and energy and provide you with much more options to choose from.

3)      His jewelry- When you are selecting the wedding band for man, please be careful about the kind of band he would like to wear. Many men like to have the band in matching with their girl’s ring. Some men like to wear gemstone wedding band; the others may like to have plain wedding band. So, careful purchase will result in comfortable daily wear experience.

men's wedding bands
Wedding Bands For Man

4)      Her jewelry- Girls are always very selective when it comes to their wedding jewelry. Hence, a thoughtful purchase of wedding band for woman can help in having jewelry to cherish for life. Some girls like to have the band in matching to their engagement ring, while the others may prefer it to be simple against the elaborate E ring. It is seen that most of the women like to have a curved wedding band which fits very nicely to their E ring. This rule, off course goes with the ones who like to wear two rings in the same finger.

woman's wedding bands
Wedding Bands for Woman

5)      Comfort- Most important is to have the ring/band which is comfortable to wear on daily basis. So, it is advisable to opt for the ones which are comfortable. For picking the best comfort ones, check out their setting, design, style and the metal type.

6)      Gemstone/Diamond ring- Pre-decide which kind of ring/band you would love to wear. Gemstone wedding rings have their own charm and needless to say, diamond rings are forever!

7)      Personalized rings- You can choose to get the ring custom made. Many stores offer this facility and you can get the desired ring according to your taste and budget. The people who like celebrity style jewelry can get their ring specially designed according to the celeb they follow.

8)      Engraved rings- Many people like the engraved rings for the wedding. You may choose to get your names engraved or some characters which may symbolize your unique love story!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Jamie Lynn Spears and James Watson are Married

The wedding is official here. It’s just a day ago when we shared the news of Britney Spears’ younger sister obtained the marriage license and now it’s time to congratulate the newly wed.

Jamie Lynn Spears Marriage with James Watson

Jamie Lynn Spears and James Watson tied the knot on Friday at Audubon Tea Room in New Orleans. The couple was dating for quite a few years and reportedly engaged a year ago.

The attendees at the wedding ceremony included big sister Britney Spears and her boyfriend David Lucado, parent Jamie and Lynne, and Brother Bryan along with 150 other guests. Britney’s two sons, Jayden James and Sean were the ring bearers while Jamie’s daughter Maddie was the flower girl.

Jamie Lynn's and James Watson and 150 Guests

The bride was sparkling in Liancarlo white wedding gown, which she reportedly bought back in January.

Jamie Lynn's wedding gown

This is Jamie’s first wedding. She was previously engaged, but never tied the knot, with Casey Aldridge, her daughter’s father.

We congratulate the new couple. While we already know that the singer got a brilliant diamond engagement ring, we are waiting to get the details about the wedding bands.

Jamie Lynn's brilliant diamond engagement ring

Did the couple opt for plain wedding bands or picked one of those unique wedding rings popular these days? As the trends are going on, gemstone wedding bands with fine detailing are becoming very popular these days. Many brides as well as grooms are choosing designer bands set with diamonds and colored gemstones. Milgrain detailing, textures and patterns, more secure settings and comfort fit are few key features of the bands popular these days.

perfect wedding bands

Jamie Lynn Spears Got the Marriage License

Jamie Lynn Spears and fiancĂ© James Watson are ready to make it official. The couple who have been engaged for a year recently obtained a marriage license from Tangipahoa Parish Clerk of Courts in their native Louisiana. They filed for the license on March 5, which according to the state’s laws would be valid for 30 days after issuance.

Jamie Lynn Spears Engagement Ring

The future bride proudly showed off her brilliant round diamond engagement ring given by Watson.

While they were keeping the nuptial plans secret, Jamie shared the details of her wedding gown when shopping in January. She mentioned it as a ‘perfect’ dress from Liancarlo.

jamie lynn spears wedding dress shopping

This will be Spears’ first time down the aisle. She was earlier engaged to Casey Aldridge, father of her 4 ½-year-old daughter. They never exchanged the vows and finally broke up in 2010.

Jamie Lynn's 4 year old daughter