Tuesday, October 9, 2012

ya Jwoww flaunts new ring and new face

We all have some things that we wish to change in our looks and JWoww, the Jersey Shore star has got some more fillers, Botox, and collagen done. However, many people are of the view that she got so much work done that she is now unrecognizable. In fact she is no longer the JWoww that we fell in love with a couple of years ago.

Roger Mathews and Jwoww 

Though her changed face was up for so much criticism her new diamond engagement impressed one and all. Why not JWoww’s engagement ring is approximately worth $100,000 and it is certainly a fairytale sparkler.

Roger Mathews and Jwoww Diamond Engagement Ring

According to designer Layna Friedmana comparable ring costs $100,000 and like Jenni a modern day princess, her ring is also a princess ring. Her beau Roger Mathews chose a cushion cut 5-carat pink diamond surrounded by brilliant cut white and pink diamonds for a grand total of more than 7.5 carats.

What is really amazing that Mathews, was very involved in the entire process of making the ring starting from picking the stones to designing the ring. According to Friedman the entire process took several months of undercover planning and traveling. And there was one color that had to be included for the big moment to be perfect.

The Crown Ring

If you also want a perfect ring for your engagement that will make your princess jump in joy pick the cushion peridot ring from Angara. This ring also called the crown ring has a 2.25 carat peridot at the center surrounded by brilliant cut white diamonds.

Please share your views about this engagement ring option.